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Improving Soil & Plant Health with Mulch Services in Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge

If you’re struggling with frequently drying soil, mulching your gardens is an excellent idea as it increases water retention apart from just improving the movement of air and water. It is a great source of nutrients for the plants, shrubs and trees on your commercial property in the region of Waterloo and surrounding areas. Mulch helps in creating an insulating blanket around the roots and protects them from heat and cold. We understand that the quality and type of mulch also play an essential role in plant health. So, if you’re looking for professional mulch services in the region of Waterloo and surrounding areas, contact On-Site Maintenance. We also offer other services such as lawn maintenance and snow removal across Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge. 

Benefits of Mulching

At On-Site Maintenance, we offer you carefully planned mulch services so that the outdoor areas of your commercial property look welcoming. A good mulch provides an amazing foundation for decorative flowers and gardens. Here are the benefits you can reap by mulching:

Improves soil health by improving water retention
Keeps the soil loose by providing organic matter through decomposition
Improves root growth by protecting the soil from erosion
Escalates plant growth by providing nutrients and optimum moisture

For more information about our mulch services or to request an estimate, call us today.

 pathway outside the house after mulching

Improving Soil Health

We offer mulch services that help in providing nutrients for your plants and encourage healthy growth.

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